It’s time to get Party Politics out of
Blue Mountains City Council.

It is time for major REFORM.

Pride at BMCC Blue Mountains City Council

The waste and poor workmanship at BMCC has been legendary for years. Things must change.

BMCC has 12 Councillors but only 2 voices…The majority Labor and the rest Liberal.

The major parties have treated us with contempt. They answer to the party head offices in Sydney who treat our Council as a school for trainee career politicians.

We need Independent Councillors who represent locals with genuine local concerns…. not party hacks who do whatever the party tells them to do.

We need REFORM not more rates increases that will just fuel more administrative waste and inefficiencies.

We can do better.


rtbmcc at outlook.com






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30 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Well, I voted for you and so did my kids and father without any discussion between us. Congratulations to Annette Bennett this time. I haven’t seen the breakdown of votes but I’d guess you scored well. Hope you’ll stand next time and get yourself known better in the interim. Cheers, Rob, keep the spirit alive!!

  2. Sounds good, but how do you intend to make jobs up here. I agree with what you say, but disagreeing with what’s going on isn’t a plan as far as I can tell.

  3. This is good. All this should be on the front page of the Gazette.
    BM ratepayers don’t know 10% of how badly this council is run.

  4. Very exciting to think someone who cares and has the community interests at heart could make some much needed change. All my hopes with you for November.

  5. Appreciating the dedication you put into your website and depth information you present.
    It’s awesome to come across a candidate who isn’t dishing out the same unwanted rehashed information. Good read!

  6. It is time for a change. it is time to bring in more independents who are not associated with party machinery and who are willing to speak out and to take care of the people, especially those less fortunate who need support. I like what you say. After looking at all the candidates, you are probably the most impressive

  7. Wow. Someone actually addressing the issues. When i looked at the Liberal candidates policy paper from the Council website, it was totally blank. I agree with you on so many issues, particularly the dog off leash rules. One to add in terms of Council’s arrogance, laziness and ineptitude was the joke of community consultation on the LEP. We sat through a four hour meeting where every submission or speech was greeted with the same refusal and rote response. They were just going through the motions and were more interested in patting each on the back for an hour than in really listening to the community’s needs. The Blue Mountains needs more affordable housing and support for small business yet Council refuses to countenance any rezoning – unless the Council itself stands to make a buck. Witness the rapid decision to develop escarpment land at Blackheath, into a housing “estate” despite major protest from the community and with no consultation of community. Keep asking these questions, someone should.

  8. It’s better to sell your ambition than your soul. The Political Parties in Australia have lost the plot.
    Send a rocket up ’em Rob

  9. Amazing things here. I’m very glad to see this discussion happening. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to you winning. Will you please drop me a e-mail to discuss some matters?

    1. Macca, I am certainly far from being a saint. Things ARE this bad and where ever possible I make all the documentation to support my claims available to download. Maybe I am a loony taking something like this on. Rob

  10. What an astounding litany of ineptitude, waste of ratepayer taxes and abysmal failure to plan for the future! If this appalling situation was ever going to get any better under current management then it would well and truly have done so by now. Great to to see someone with a long term passion for the area and for its community who is willing to tackle these issues head on. I am certain of widespread support for you Rob. The time has come!

  11. Well done Rob, you have put an amazing amount of work into this site and the local issues. I have never seen any election candidate do so much. Normally we just get dumb slogans that mean nothing.

  12. BMCC has been in serious financial decline for 10 years. Only now that they are in deep financial trouble they even start thinking about the problem with that ridiculous community survey.

  13. Politicians – Do what you are told, don’t make waves, then finish up with one of the plum jobs for the boys. Seen that happen with a few ex councillors and politicians. nudge nudge wink wink say no more.

  14. I can’t believe this. Weve never seen anyone this passionate and with so much information. A Councillor who actually cares about us now that would be a change.

    1. Our condolences Rob on a extremely great effort on your 1st Councillor Campaign. This By-Election result signifies that change is around the corner. 2258 residents have got the truth of the state of affairs, thanks to Rob Thompson. And with only 66% only getting up to vote, we can only pray that with more time to raise more awareness & promotion for Rob’s policies & views, he should romp it in come next election. That is if he does proceed with the already “Great Work” he has shown us to be commented to. Rob has already laid the platform. It is now up to us, the ones who supported Rob with our vote to continue to spread this Great Work he has started & go forward with him. Thanks again Rob for standing up. Peter D.

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