About Us

Rob ThompsonRob grew up in Blaxland, has lived in Wentworth Falls and now resides in Lawson. He is a light aircraft engineer as well as being a video producer and cameraman. As a hobby he is a club flying instructor in gliders at Camden.
Rob’s “let’s do it” approach is seen in his countless hours of community volunteering. He established the Blue Mountains Computer Rescue program that refurbishes and distributes free computers to people in need.

rosa-cut-outRosa Del Ponte lives in Lawson. She founded and runs the Blue Mountains’ Food Rescue and Soul Kitchen. Her not for profit organisation operates with around 40 volunteers. Every year they divert over 20 tonnes of donated surplus food from landfill and transform it into more than 6000 free meals and food parcels for the disadvantaged. Rosa turned her back on a successful corporate career as an events manager. She believes that “Our Council needs to work harder to unite our community and create a better society.” The Soul Kitchen website is www.earthrecovery.org

Peter DaleyPeter Daley lives in Woodford with his family of four. He has extensive experience as a chef so he understands one of the Mountains’ main employers, the hospitality industry. He is currently a support worker for people with disabilities. His jobs have required passion, compassion and commitment. All have required a sleeves rolled up approach. Peter wants our local people’s voices to be heardwww. This comes from years of disappointment with the political parties who control our Council and play party politics at the expense of our community. He says “I want to help bring back integrity, honesty and respect back into our council.

Rob, Rosa and Peter want Council to be more lean and focused on services to the community. They say “BMCC spends a whopping 23% of its budget on “Administration”. Here’s how much some other better performing fringe metropolitan Councils spend…. Gosford 5%, Hills 5%, Wyong 2%.

They are already well prepared in studying Council related papers. They observe that “BMCC is selling our real estate assets to pay off debt which is currently at $46.8 million. They have been slashing maintenance and services and now phasing in a 40% rates increase in order to meet the NSW Government’s “Fit for the Future” financial accounting standards. All this whilst giving the already highly paid and bloated senior management big pay rises.”
They believe that slashing maintenance and services is not a sustainable solution. “We need to achieve real and lasting structural reform and efficiency gains. BMCC’s 2015/2016 financial year loss stands at $10.1 million so despite all the promises, their strategy is obviously not working”.