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We personally prefer a high speed rail link from Canberra through Western Sydney to Newcastle. The existing airports at these two places are already big enough to take quite large jet passenger aircraft and could easily share the mid east coast air traffic. We think this would ease Sydney congestion, traffic jams and ridiculous house prices. Also it would provide economic benefits all along the rail corridor. Eventually we should have high speed rail from Brisbane to Melbourne.

The $80,000 that BMCC has spent on the anti airport campaign has just degenerated into a party political mess and no one outside the area is taking any notice.

Whilst we believe that the push should be for high speed east coast rail, we also need to accept the reality that Badgerys Creek is most likely going to happen. The decision has been made and we can’t keep our heads in the sand. Both the Labor and Liberal Parties support it.

We therefore need to start ASAP to provide sensible input into it’s development so as to minimise the impact to the Blue Mountains’ population and World Heritage Area. There are a lot of pilots and aviation professionals living in the Mountains. We need to get these people together in a non partisan panel to report to Council and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

We also need to make sure the transport links and systems are good for the Blue Mountains’ residents and tourist businesses.

Below is the currently proposed runway configuration options for Badgerys Creek. You can click on it for a larger view.


You can see that option C has runways with centrelines that could effect Camden, Penrith and the Blue Mountains quite badly. Options A and B allow for departures and climbs over relatively uninhabited land to the south west and farmland to the north east. Option B has a short north west runway which would allow departures towards Blue Mountains townships in strong north westerly winds. A departure off this runway could possibly involve an early left turn to climb out over uninhabited country.

We need to work with CASA to make sure we get an option that is operationally viable as well as having climb outs that minimise the effect on the world heritage, catchment and residential areas. I think this can be achieved but we must start working on it now and present well thought out professional alternatives to the aviation authorities.



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9 thoughts on “Badgerys Creek Airport”

  1. Your rational, mature approach to the proposed new western Sydney airport in a sea of negativity is refreshing. I also support your views about the Hazelbrook carpark, your policy to rein in local government spending (especially in support of the airport) and your desire to support arts funding. You have my vote and my full support.

  2. I think your approach to Badgerys Creek is definitely realistic. As you have said the airport will be going ahead and a mature consultative approach could achieve the best outcome for the Blue Mts. So this begs the question why is the council opposing the airport and spending $80,000 of ratepayers money when its a foregone conclusion. Have they asked the community if they support the airport and want a future for their children? Are they prepared to accept public defeat and have egg on their heads……oops I meant faces!

  3. So unlike the current BMCC (except one member), you support Sydney’s second airport at Badgery’s Creek? A second Sydney airport at Badgery’s Creek will be a boom for Blue Mountains businesses and tourism. This opportunity cannot be squandered, and we need to take advantage of it.

    1. Just because I have accepted the inevitable doesn’t mean I support Badgerys Creek. I am a realist…. For 20 years now it has been clear that eventually an airport would be built at Badgerys Creek. So yes, you are spot on, we must all be getting involved to make sure it works for us.

  4. The air traffic from Badgerys Creek Airport will effect the Blue Mountains badly if we don’t start making a noise about it very soon. Everyone else just seems to have forgotten about it. Good work!.

  5. This is good to have some information on Badgerys Creek Airport and how it will effect the Blue Mountains. Well done

  6. The was lots of debate about whether the new airport should go ahead but since then there has been a silence about what to do now that is going ahead. Good move to get local aviation people involved with the aviation authorities.

  7. I don’t think there is any point fighting against Badgeries now. It is a done deal and if we just whinge we won’t get listened to down the track. Good idea to use local aviation people to help advise.

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