Conservation Society Questionnaire

Posted by Rob Thompson,

There were two questions in the I was unable to simply give a yes or no answer to in the  Conservation Society Questionnaire.

Question 11 – Village precinct objectives and proposed R6

The State Government has made it clear that they will simply will not allow BMCC to have a non standard R6 zone that does not exist elsewhere. I don’t understand why this is an issue…they have said NO. So we need to support village precinct objectives being enshrined in existing Development Control Plans. We need to lobby the State Government to ensure that DCPs can not be watered down or circumvented. If we proceed with pushing the non existent R6 we may miss out on any proper controls at all. The new planning system was made compulsory in 2006 but BMCC didn’t start until late 2013 under threats from State Planning to take over the process. The process hasn’t even been completed yet! There are many householders who still don’t even know what their property is zoned for!

Question 13c – Badgerys Creek

BMCC’s $80,000 spent on the anti-airport campaign has become so partisan political that it is being ignored outside of the Mountains. As a result I believe it is of more worth to lobby State and Federal governments to commit to a high speed east coast rail link.
I personally support a high speed rail link initially from Canberra through Western Sydney to Newcastle. The existing airports at these two places already take international jet passenger aircraft and could easily share the mid east coast air traffic. I think this would ease Sydney congestion, traffic jams and ridiculous house prices. Also it would provide economic benefits all along the rail corridor. Ultimately we should have high speed rail from Brisbane to Melbourne.
I got my pilot licence when I was 16 have been flying for 40 years as well as qualifying as a light aircraft engineer. I have a good understanding of and lots of contacts inside the aviation industry. I applied to be on the Mayoral Airport Committee but my offer was refused.