Giving a Voice Back to the People

yesmin_redtapeIf it isn’t bad enough that our Councillors vote along Party Political lines, we have the added problem that the BMCC staff completely swamp the Councillors with so much information that it would be a super human job to understand and be across it all.

Council meetings are held monthly on a Tuesday evening and the Business Papers are hundreds of pages long…. a totally impossible job for any one person to digest but together as a community group we can do it.

I plan to distribute the Meeting Business Papers as soon as they are released and then on the Sunday before each meeting have a community consultation afternoon with residents. You will be able to study the matters that effect your area and then come along and advise me on how I need to represent you on these issues.

We need to form action groups in each village to advise Council what YOU want and need. I want to end the “Council knows best” attitude that currently prevails.




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  1. Can’t see a link to your facebook page. With so much good information on this website, would be a good opportunity to share via social media and get the community really talking.

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