Local Environmental Plan 2015

Council BMCC Draft Local Environmental (LEP) Plan 2013BMCC and all other NSW Councils were mandated in 2006 by the State Government to adopt standard format Local Environmental Plans. These standardised plans were designed to reduce the inconsistent zonings that occur from Council to Council. This process was compulsory, supported by the Labor and Liberal Parties and there was no way of avoiding it.

Seven years after it was mandated, BMCC finally got around to starting on it in late 2013. BMCC was way behind all the other Councils because they started so late.

The NSW State Government threatened to take control of the process if BMCC didn’t get moving.

We live in such a unique location that to reduce this process to a hurried last minute exercise was simply not good enough.

One glaring problem with the new LEP 2015 is that there hasn’t been any serious analysis done of what worked and what didn’t work in the previous plan (LEP 2005). It seems to me that the the new plan is just a quick last minute, cut and paste “best fit” into the new templates that have been produced by the state government. As a result I fear that no lessons have been learned from the last plan and mistakes will just be carried forward.

The feedback I am getting is that community consultation was ignored. BMCC doesn’t do consultation well. They put on a pretence of taking submissions but then do exactly what they wanted to do anyway. BMCC has a “We know what’s best, so you can just run along” type attitude to residents. We need to get local communities involved and empowered.

I am extremely disappointed the the Senior Citizens housing shortage has not been addressed adequately.



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4 thoughts on “Local Environmental Plan 2015”

  1. Are you going to acknowledge that the Blue Mountains is a special case with world heritage issues that may, and probably do override the “Standardized” LEP format?
    I hope you will be consulting with the NSW Conservation Society before rubber stamping a NSW Govt directive. I’m all for following through with the correct actions with appropriate and honest negotiation first.

    1. The biggest problem we have right now with the new Draft LEP is that there has been no analysis of what worked and didn’t work in the previous LEPs. You summed it up in one…rubber stamping. That is what is happening right now. The NSW Conservation Society and similar organisations should be having a major input. BMCC only quotes “conservation values” when it suits their agenda.

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