Mid Mountains Tourism

Mid Mountains Tourism

From Faulconbridge to Bullaburra, we need to accept that most tourists are on their way to the major attractions further up the Mountains. But tourists love to stop enroute, look around, to have a stretch and a coffee… and we need to be able to cater for their needs.

The long weekend traffic jams and parking problems at Wentworth Falls show that we need to devise tactics to spread tourists out so that no one place gets over run.

Here are suggestions that I have been told by local operators about what is needed to make the Mid Mountains a great place to stop…
  • Primary research to determine what national and international visitors want by way of stopping points as they journey through the Blue Mountains
  • Compare and research relevant national and international models.
  • Identify current successful tourism attractions in the Mid Mountains and devise strategies for further development and assistance.
  • Identify potential tourism attractions for the Mid Mountains.
  • Address the current lack of relevant local information and support to help speciality tourism areas in the Mid Mountains. This could include education tourism, conference tourism, food tourism, events-based tourism and niche tourism packages and campaigns.

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