Rental & Housing Affordability & Homelessness

The Blue Mountains’ Party hacks have been using development scare tactics for years. Right now the local Labor Party is attacking the Liberal State Government. When there was a Labor State Government the local Liberals politicised the issue in the same way.

guageAs a result we have had years of inaction on sensible, clean and environmentally sound housing policy in the Blue Mountains.

Because of this lack of planning we have a situation where more and more senior citizens and retiring baby boomers are still reluctantly occupying the large houses they raised their families in. There is little by way of suitable small, low maintenance, close to facilities housing for them to relocate to.  See my page on Senior Citizens for more info.

This all has a flow on effect with younger families facing a housing shortage and rental crisis. I have now spoken to many younger locals who are starting out raising families and are facing the prospect of moving away. I have met families who have ended up living in local pubs and motels after losing rental accommodation. One family with 3 children even ended up camping in tents for three months until they eventually were able to rent a house.

banksy-changeMy volunteering with the fantastic Katoomba Soul Kitchen Community Lunch has put me in contact with a lot of homeless people in the Mountains. I was astounded to find how big a problem this is. The 2 main factors causing this is the housing shortage and a lack of assistance for people who are starting to get into trouble. The often repeated scenario is of families where one partner develops a health problem then the other loses a job…a few months later the rent or mortgage is out of control and it’s out into the streets. BMCC has not made any serious effort to help tackle this problem.

This is an unacceptable situation that is occurring because our party politicians are looking after their own political careers…not us.

We need to develop a comprehensive housing and development policy. A policy made with direct consultation with the community – not just the ongoing political point scoring that has surrounded this issue.



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5 thoughts on “Rental & Housing Affordability & Homelessness”

  1. Rosa is doing an extraordinary job helping the homeless. Finaly council candidates who actually do something rather than just being windbags.

  2. I hear you clearly on this situation with rentals & emergency accommodation . I myself know of a parent left camping with their child due to this sad issue. So thank you for rising this awareness .

  3. Many thanks for a remarkable article on housing. We need the sort of debate you are offering. Very good to see someone addressing the Seniors accommodation issue

  4. I was homeless for a while because I could not find anywhere local. some nights I spent on the trains to sydney to keep warm. Thankyou

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