Senior Citizens Housing Crisis

Looking after our Senior Citizens

The Mountains is woefully short of suitable housing for our older citizens. This situation has become critical as the baby boomers are ageing.

Right now too many of our seniors are forced to move out of the area, mostly to Lithgow and Penrith to find suitable places to live once the garden and stairs get too much for them. There has been very little planning for the needs for our seniors in the Blue Mountains.

I believe that our older people should be able to continue living in their local villages and they should be able to affordably downsize to environmentally friendly retirement living close to town facilities. I also believe that there needs to be better community nursing schemes to help seniors stay living independently.

I am incredibly disappointed with Ex Mayor Daniel Myles’ political attacks on my hopes for better seniors’ retirement living and aged care in the Blue Mountains. He has publicly called me a “developer” which is completely untrue….

Daniel-MylesIf wanting decent places for our seniors to live makes me a target of a completely political, point scoring attack as a “developer”, it just shows that Daniel Myles’ priorities are to his own political ambition and his political party rather than the good of the community.

Have a listen to Daniel’s political and completely untrue rant about me at a public meeting where I had no opportunity to respond

I have spoken to many older Mountains residents who are struggling to maintain themselves in the houses they raised their families in.

They need affordable, easy to maintain, single and couple dwellings close to shops and facilities. This sort of housing is in such short supply in the Mountains that they often sell for more than a large house!

Retirement villages and nursing homes are also in very short supply. We need compact housing developments for seniors that has a central nursing station. This style of living keeps older people living independently for much longer than would otherwise be possible.

A lot of our senior residents are really scared about the prospect of having to leave the area to find appropriate accommodation. Imagine being in your senior years and having to leave your support networks, family and friends!

We need to address this problem immediately and I believe we need to pause the Great BMCC Asset Sell Off and use some of these properties for age care facilities.

BMCC needs to develop an urgent and comprehensive plan to address these needs.



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6 thoughts on “Senior Citizens Housing Crisis”

  1. The bigger issue is for people with disabilities. Senior citizens get lots of services PWD basically none they don’t pay a mozza for !

  2. I am getting too hold too keep up my house. I really don’t know where I will be able to go and afford. Well done for bringing this to attantion.

  3. my mum is really upset and worried about her future. She can’t afford to move but cant stay in her big house any more.
    Thank you for raising this.

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