Guttering – Sayers Street Lawson

Here’s how the story started….
In mid 2014 Blue Mountains City Council, BMCC completed new guttering work in Sayers Street Lawson. These photos of the work were taken 7 months later in January 2015. At that time about two thirds of the new work had degraded to this extent.

Sayers Street Lawson shoddy curb & guttering

When the work was being done there was about 20 men and about a half million dollars worth of equipment there for about two weeks.

Interestingly, around about the same time the General Manager and Mayor were getting a pay rise. The GM Robert Greenwood’s salary increased by about $33,000 (11%) to around $335,000 per year….  nearly as much as the Premier of NSW.

Maybe, if the pay rise money was spent on more bitumen, Sayers Street wouldn’t have crumbled to bits.

Sayers Street Lawson shoddy curb & gutteringt

In early January 2016, BMCC came back to fix the guttering problems. This is what it looked like 3 weeks after the “repair work” was completed. Photo taken on the 6th Feb 2016.


Click here to have a look at the appalling shoddy workmanship at the new Katoomba roundabout.

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  1. The Sayers Street work is beyond the bounds of stupidity. There has been no hydraulic planning and when it rains all the water rushes through the properties of some people in the middle of the street.

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