Shoddy Katoomba Roundabout

Do you like paying twice for shoddy work that has to be fixed?

In May 2014 BMCC spent $705,000 on the new Katoomba and Waratah Streets Roundabout.  6 months later in December 2014 it was falling to bits. The quality of work was appalling. Some of the concrete wasn’t even finished with professional cementing tools which give smooth even curves and surfaces.

Soon afterwards in January and February 2015 Blue Mountains Council spent considerable amount of your money trying to fix the faults. It is still pretty rough. They should have got it right first time.
Have a look at these photos to see how Blue Mountains City Council wastes your money.

The thermoplastic line marking by Blue Mountains City Council fell off because it was applied before the concrete had fully cured

Thermoplastic line marking by BMCC falling off

The amateurish standard of workmanship was almost impossible to believe.  One worker said to me  “Why should we care?”  A few other BMCC workers have told me “You either stop caring or you leave”.

Poor quality workmanship by Blue Mountains Council BMCC

Incompetence starts at the top and it works it’s way down. I believe the vast majority of workers want to do a good day’s work and want to have pride in their job. I lay the blame squarely at the toxic BMCC administration for this mess.

Poor BMCC Blue Mountains Council workmanship



Poor concreting work by BMCC

Katoomba Roundabout line marking falling off again
UPDATE: I wrote this original story above in February 2015. Another eight months later, in September 2015, the second attempt at line marking was wearing off and had to be fixed again!

Click here to have a look at the sub standard kerb and guttering work in Lawson by BMCC that started falling to bits after a few months.

Click on the thumbnails below for more views of the Katoomba roundabout:


5 thoughts on “Shoddy Katoomba Roundabout”

  1. Just look around Katoomba it is all a disgrace. Bad work everywhere. To think that the General Manager gets paid as much as the premiere of NSW is disgusting.

  2. Pity the BMCC heirarchy can’t employ professional tradesmen. Also as a rate payer, I’d like to see better results for the money we are compelled to pay . Our rates shouldn’t have to pay for the comfort of the office people in the BMCC

  3. That is a disgusting waste of money. To think of the BM council raising our rates to tip more money into their black hole of poorly conceived and executed projects make me sick. Some very angry rate payers here in Lawson (where our suburban street does not even have guttering and storm water control), and I bet the anger is reflected up and down the hill.

  4. I just cany believe that we tolerate this here. I grew up in East Germany before the wall came down and our communist officials could get roadworks done better than this.

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