Bushfire Money

ffIt’s now a number of years since the devastating bushfires.

Having a Liberal State Government and a Labor Mayor served us very badly after the fires. The blame game just went on and on. The Gazette Letters to the Editor were a disgraceful parade of politicians blaming each other rather than getting on with the job.

The State Government engaged Phil Koperburg for 3 months after the fires to coordinate the relief effort. He did a pretty good job.

Then it came time for BMCC to take over from Phil with $1.75M in disaster relief funding.

Council announced on the front page of the February 5th Gazette that they would establish a Reference Group, a Steering Committee and set up Working Groups. They would also employ a Recovery Manager who would oversee a minimum of four extra full time staff.

Straight out of an episode of “Yes Minister” BMCC did what they do best…they proudly began to ramp up the administrators and bloated bureaucracy.  See this page for the terrible statistics of how bloated and top heavy with administrators our Council is.

No where to be found are details of how BMCC has spent the millions of Government Disaster Relief funding and the millions of the donated Mayoral Relief Funds. No where are there details of what programs were running when the bushfire season came back.

I sent this email to Council.BMCC-bushfire email

I then received a reply from Council which didn’t answer my questions and I regard to be a whole lot of spin. You can download the BMCC response here.

I am determined to get BMCC to publicly release comprehensive details of how the Disaster Funding and Mayoral Fund money has been spent and what BMCC fire programs have been operational since the fire season has been back.

In my area, which is very high risk, BMCC has done absolutely nothing to mitigate bushfire risks, help formulate evacuation plans, provide information to residents or ensure that seniors and the disabled are not left behind.

This lack of transparency is unacceptable.



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8 thoughts on “Bushfire Money”

  1. I have seen very little by way of real local programs for real local people. I just see all the mates getting money for airy fairy projects that are a waste of time.

  2. Hi Rob,

    As a flying instructor, are you aware that many in the BM are not happy with Badgery’s Creek Airport. What is your position regarding this?


  3. That is a great idea to have Blue Mountains FM transmitting local information. I found last year that the main source of information was ABC television but they were repeating the same stories over and over, even stories from the day before. It was very confusing and difficult to find out up to the minute information. You have got my vote.

    1. Hi Henry,
      This wasn’t my idea and Blue Mountains FM were doing it last year. The problem I am concerned about is that the FM transmitter is on top of the Council building and still, a year later does not have an emergency power backup in case of a blackout.

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