BMLOT Failure

bmlot-logoThings were not well in Blue Mountains Lithgow and Oberon Tourism (BMLOT). There was a lot of anger amongst the tourist operators. Sadly, very few were prepared to speak out because of the fear of repercussions.

Blue Mountains Council was providing $200,000 a year to BMLOT and they made it a condition of this funding that they would have a representative on the BMLOT Board of directors.  Ex Mayor and current Councillor Daniel Myles, who had little direct experience in the tourism industry was appointed to this role.

Daniel-MylesSoon afterwards in early 2014, Daniel Myles was nominated for the Chairman’s job. This role should should have just been as an “observer” for BMCC but by accepting nomination, it placed BMLOT in an untenable situation. How can anyone disagree with the ex Mayor who dealt you $800,000? How can anyone vote against the representative of the Council who was giving you this money, particularly when the funding agreement extension was soon to be re-negotiated?

I spoke to a number of BMLOT members who were very upset about this. They believe it was another “Job for the boys” for an ex Liberal Mayor who had not worked in the tourism industry.

One of my election policies is to eliminate “Jobs for the Boys”

Daniel’s new role effectively gave BMCC  a great deal of influence and control over BMLOT. As we all know, BMCC couldn’t  run a chook raffle so everything was heading downhill quickly.

To the west, the Lithgow and Oberon tourist operators were even more upset at the way BMCC had hijacked BMLOT and believed that they were missing out considerably as a result of the influence that BMCC had over what should have been an independent organisation.

BMLOT also received significant State and Federal funding as well as from  Lithgow and Oberon Councils

BMLOT failed in mid 2015. Daniel Myles resigned beforehand in January 2015.