The Great Asset Sell Off

BMCC is selling OUR assets to pay off THEIR debt

BMCC is selling OUR old child care centre at  Hazelbrook shops to pay off debt.
Hazelwood Child Care Centre for sale to pay off debt
They closed the building nearly two years ago despite many community groups wanting to use it. They haven’t been able to find a buyer so it has been empty. This is prime land. It is OUR land and must be kept and used to provide amenities for the future of Hazelbrook town centre. 
At the bottom of this page is the list of BMCC properties that have been scheduled for sale. This list was buried in page 142 (of 144) of the Delivery Program 2013-2017.
BMCC Blue Mountains Council Assets for saleBMCC is selling these assets because it can’t live within it’s means.
Rather than an asset fire sales we need to come up with smart ideas to make uses of them that are cost neutral.

At a time when we desperately need  affordable child care, age care facilities and crisis accommodation, BMCC is flogging off the properties that could be used for these activities.

Rather than selling, we may be able to contribute some of these assets to a partnership with the State and Federal Governments to provide these valuable community services. I will investigate more funding for this. There is plenty of government money going to help the vulnerable  in Western Sydney but we need to have these important services here… not be shipping out Mountains’ people in trouble to Sydney.

Here’s the list that BMCC tried to keep quiet.
45 Kent Street, Bullaburra
49-55 Kent Street, Bullaburra
67 Kent Street, Bullaburra
87 Kent Street, Bullaburra
23 Valley Road, Hazelbrook
41 & 43 Duperry Street, Wentworth Falls
178 & 180 Henderson Road, Wentworth Falls
9, 11 & 15 Walker Street, Wentworth Falls
22 & 26 Clarendon Street, Wentworth Falls
23 & 25 Redfern Street, Wentworth Falls
73 & 75 Somme Avenue, Wentworth Falls
4 Walker Street, Wentworth Falls
 25 Innes Road, Mount Victoria
57 St Georges Parade, Mount Victoria
70 St Georges Parade, Mount Victoria
4 The Glen, Mount Victoria
17 Mt Piddington Road, Mount Victoria
12 & 14 Milson Street, Mount Victoria
77 Bettington Road, Blackheath
75 Godson Avenue, Blackheath
54 & 56 Shipley Road, Blackheath
244-318 Hat Hill Road, Blackheath
76 Camp Street, Katoomba
27A Freelander Avenue, Katoomba
43 Loftus Street, Katoomba
26 Vista Parade, Leura
37 Davidson Road, Leura



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4 thoughts on “The Great Asset Sell Off”

  1. I just had a look at four or five of those properties and they are bush blocks on the outskirts of villages. This would make them unsuitable for many community uses and so it makes sense for them to be sold off so the money can be invested in more appropriate assets and services.

    1. I agree that there is no reason to keep some properties. The sad thing is that there is no choice, everything has to be sold to cover the debt problem. Rob

  2. This is terrible to see our assets being flogged off to pay for shiny bums on administration seats. Good onya Rob you hav my vote

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