The Spin Cycle

I absolutely admire the Media and PR department at BMCC. They are the best of the best.

Last October 2015 we received our rates notice with a newsletter from our mayor, Mark Greenhill saying …mark-balanced-budget-torn-paper
At the time he said this, BMCC was already forecasting an $8.6 million loss for this year. Now it has blown out to a $10.1 million loss.

In late May, the Blue Mountains’ Gazette published my letter challenging Mark to explain why he made what appears to be a blatantly untrue statement. There was no response from our mayor. I believe that Mark’s silence condemns him.

The latest loss figures are massive for a small council. Does it mean BMCC is going to do an Oliver Twist and ask again for more rates rises?

You can download here documentation which details these losses at BMCC.

The NSW Treasury Corporation (TCorp) has assessed BMCC  as having “Weak” financial sustainability with a “Neutral” outlook.

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