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“Council doesn’t even know we exist”  West Faulconbridge Shop Keeper.

After talking to Faulconbridge residents and shopkeepers it has become apparent to me that we need to look after these guys.

Squeezed between the upper and lower Mountains and right on the eastern border of ward 2 they just seem to get forgotten. This township is the entrance gate to the Upper Mountains and has attractions of its own that we need to promote and sign post.

Signage is a major bugbear for the businesses here. In the Mid Mountains, Council does not have any cohesive “Tourist Trail” or “Business Directory” with appropriate road signs and mobile applications to highlight businesses. As a result the businesses are forced to put out their own signs which are confiscated and trashed by BMCC. Many tourist operators in the Mid-Mountains have expressed concerns to me that they feel like the “poor cousins” of the big Upper Mountains tourist attractions who they feel get all the resources.

West Faulconbridge Shops Blue Mountains Council BMCCA suggestion by a Faulconbridge artist was to erect tourist & business directory signs that are designed by local artists and fit in with the local landscape and character. I think this is a great idea and will be happy to pursue this.

I will be having lots more conversations with the Faulconbridge residents and businesses so I can represent their needs and wishes. If you are involved with this area and have suggestions please contact me.



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