Hazelbrook Town Centre needs a massive make-over and we need places for people to sit, socialise, have coffee or snack and playgrounds for the kids.

My impression below is just a starting point in the conversation. It is only one idea and needs LOTS of input from businesses and residents to get it right. It is your decision on what’s needed. The suggestions I  have been receiving indicate that we need one way traffic flow, short term and disabled parking through the centre.  It is your town centre and you should be able to decide what you need.
Click on images for a larger view.hazelbrook Shopping Centre Blue Mountains NSW

Sadly below is the reality of Hazelbrook. A concrete jungle with public toilets that are often filthy and regularly out of order.Hazelbrook_0543

Shops and businesses in Hazelbrook need to thrive and need BMCC to help them do this.  BMCC has to stop the current adversarial attitude it has. My plan is to form a local Committee of Hazelbrook stakeholders to advise me what is needed. The people should be telling Council what needs to happen…not the other way round.

OUR old Hazelwood child care centre is closed and for sale to developers to pay off debt. I want to keep this prime land for community use. Please let me know your suggestions on how this property can be best used for the community.


I am currently in discussions with the people of Hazelbrook to find out their needs and how BMCC can serve them better. If you are involved with Hazelbrook your suggestions are very welcome.

If you would like to leave a comment or suggestion please feel free. You are welcome to use a nickname or alias if you feel uncomfortable  about having your full name published.

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  1. A pleasure to read that I am not alone in envisioning a welcoming piazza; shop owners would see an increase in patronage due to ambience despite the necessary moving- out of parking.
    How do I join the Hazelbrook Residents’ Association?

  2. As someone who has only recently purchase a house in Hazelbrook, I am totally in agreement with fixing the shopping area. The primary problem is that parking. What a mess. Move the cars out of there, change the flow and it becomes a far nicer area. The second issue is the vacant shops. Given the (to me) surprising volume of people, I cannot understand why they are allowed to be vacant. Somebody must ensure that is addressed. Third, in regard to the shops on the other side of the line, this just screams out to be fixed immediately. Quite astonishing. Fourth, my wife struggles with her new baby and pram when trying to catch the train. Very unfriendly stairs – are all Hazelbrook mothers forced to drive a few stops when there is no need?

  3. As a new resident of Hazelbrook I agree the town centre must limit (or remove) the number of cars outside shops. The complexity of parking there with traffic coming off the highway and people’s cars stopping to wait for someone to leave is way too stressful.
    The artist’s impression is a bold alternative but we shouldn’t allow Hazelbrook to become a tourist destination like Leura. It should not be too difficult for locals to shop there – after all local residents support the shops every day, not just on weekends.

  4. Another point of interest is next to the children’s park in Blue Hills Rd is a bunch of mostly dead bush, it is a fire hazard. I would love to see it cleared and possibly used as an extension for the park…a field , soccer field maybe..it doesnt matter, as long as it was cleaned up.

  5. My concern is that the already congested Oaklands road turn off onto Glendarrah and up tiny Rosedale ave would worsen the situation. We can only enter Hazelbrook via two entries now, so unless there is a reduction of traffic by revamping the older side of Hazelbrook , I don’t know how you can improve the current situation. Definitely need some ideas, but I love the fact that someone is at least trying to improve the situation. I hope you can actually make it happen.

  6. You’ve got my vote ,it would be a change having a councillor with an interest in the Southside shops,the zoning should never have been changed to the useless Employment Enterprize,and has the pugnant smell of corruption sticking to it!,and should be fast tracked back to an appropriate zoning{not in 5 years time},a third of the population of Hazelbrook live on the south side,once we could walk to these shops for milk ,bread etc Now we have to drive to the other side of town{ that’s a third of the parking problem at the north side shops}’cause its now too far and hard for most of us to walk the jail gantry bridge and ramp that most of us hate!{that incidently would have been approved by someone in council}Go get ’em Rob.

  7. A couple other random thoughts – the train station is almost completely inaccessible to disabled commuters. Also – can that hideous highway overpass to the train station be re-painted a colour that isn’t an affront to our eyes? Something that actually blends with the environment perhaps? It currently looks like a prison cell!

  8. The traffic definitely is a problem at the Hazo shops. I’d be very reticent to turn it into a mall though unless there was ample alternate parking in easy walking distance. The current layout allows for people to conveniently drive up, drop into a couple of shops and then drive off again. If there’s no close parking, people just won’t bother to go there and then you’ll have more shops going out of business.

    I appreciate the desire for it to be aesthetically pleasing and fume free, but not at risk to the of the shop owners’ livelihood. How about making it one way though? I feel like I have to look in 6 different directions at once while reversing.

    On another topic – why on earth has the old video shop been vacant for 4 or 5 years? Is some rich investor using it as a tax write off or something? I hate to think how much rent they must want. I’m not sure what can be done about this – I’m just sick of such a prime shop location being a white elephant.

    1. The one way traffic flow is a good idea…maybe with 5 minute parking on one side. Main thing about my impression at the top of this page is to start the debate… not inflict my ideas like BMCC usually does. Thanks Chris

    2. I agree with Chris B. the mall looks great, but even parking down the back can be an inconvenience when you have to walk back and forth with things from different shops. A multi car park would be worse having to climb a few more flights of steps etc. If money was no object you could put an underground car park below the current parking area. cost too much though. A real Catch 22 for sure

      1. Very valid points. My main reason for putting up this impression was to start the discussion….a long way left to go. Ultimately it is up to the residents and businesses to decide what is needed.

    3. Hi Chris. B.
      That area where the old Video shop was is basically a tax write-off…some Solicitor in Katoomba owns that group of shops and yes, it’s very expensive to rent. Also it woyld be good for the tiles to have some grip when it’s raining…so many people have had falls because it’s so slippery…I remember one eldery lady breaking her ribs from a fall.

  9. I have been submitting this proposal time and again to BMCC since 2007. It is a breath of fresh air to have someone likely to be in a position to do something about it as such an enthusiastic advocate of a plan dear to the heart of so many residents. There might be need for a multi-storey car park either to the north or at the station, and perhaps some commercial vehicle access. But such difficulties are nothing compared to the leisurely European communal ambience of a piazza in our midst!

  10. Too right about the car fumes. I had breakfast at the coffee shop there and the food and coffee was great in between lungfulls of carbon monoxide. Cant go back there.

  11. This is great Rob we need this but I think there would still need to be some sort of traffic access and flow through this area maybe in would be practical to have half like your picture and the other half with parkingt

    1. Thanks Juli,
      I think you are probably right. There needs to be lots of community consultation and work with experts in this field to get this right.

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