Lawson Business Park

Lawson Business Park:

business-park-sign_0513Lawson Industrial area is looking sad. Let’s turn it into a thriving, clean, green and sustainable high technology business park. Sadly, Business hasn’t been going ahead at the business park.

BMCC has made it ridiculously difficult for businesses. They have not been allowed to sell to the public which has stifled activity here. I was just told that a carpet warehouse recently wanted to start here but were thwarted by Council and they walked away. Probably about a half a dozen local jobs walked with them.

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Blue Mountains Business Park Lawson It seems that The Lawson Business Park looks at it’s best in the glossy brochures that BMCC uses to secure funding from the State Government.


Lawson Blue Mountains Business park neglected

There is a sad look and feel of neglect at the Lawson Business Park but it should be humming with clean green businesses. If you are involved with this area please let me know your thoughts on what needs to happen to get it on it’s feet.

Everyone in Lawson is invited to let me know your needs and your ideas on how we can make the Mid Mountains a vibrant place again.


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One thought on “Lawson Business Park”

  1. You hit the nail right on the head, lots of people want to trade here, but BMCC, have purposely made it impossible to retail, and police it like Nazi’s, Sad thing is Lawson industrial area started way back in the 60’s ,and the zoning has always been impossible, yet “Leura Valley”,now bunning,home hardware , and shit loads of other retailers ,is only a few years old, it was originally Strachans Dairy but some how the zoning has allowed retail,should be the same at Lawson ,something smells about the whole thing,I used to rent the whole valley(strachans Dairy )off the imfamous Barry Fennel in the 80s for 50bucks a week ,now its fifty bucks a square metre !

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