Lawson Golf Course

The Old Lawson Golf Course:

lawson-golf-course-zoning-mapThis area belongs to the people and the residents should be able to decide how it is used.

After being closed in 2004, BMCC produced hundreds of pages of reports including one in 2007 which grandly stated that they were ready for “Stage Three – Implementation”. Download the report here.

Eleven years after the golf course was closed absolutely nothing has been implemented.

The slow grind of bureaucratic inaction over the past eleven years means we have to start ASAP to turn this land into something worthwhile for all the community.

Sadly the photo you see below is NOT here. Usage suggestions I have had so far are..

  • Community gardens with fruit, vegetables and herbs for everyone.
  • Native plant nursery providing seedlings to the community.
  • A kids farm with animals so that our children can get involved in caring for and understanding animals.
  • Botanic Gardens with lots of community involvement.

Wow! Have we got some  great ideas in the community. All we need is a Council that listens…

Right now it seems that only dog walkers are using this area. I firmly believe that if this area is developed to include these other sort of community activities, dog owners can happily co-exist with other users in a happy friendly space.

It is time that BMCC starts facilitating residents groups who can turn this area into the fabulous resource that it should be.

We need big time community input from EVERYONE to get a plan together. If we can present a plan that is “for the people, by the people” BMCC will have a hard job saying no.


fairway-1-lawson_0889Shortly after the 2007 report, the RTA dug up the old first fairway for highway drainage and settling pond work. The land had to be rehabilitated afterwards, so what did they do? They spent about $30,000 re-turfing it back to being a fairway for a golf course that doesn’t exist any more! The money could have been spent on any number of community land uses but BMCC did not consult anyone for ideas as to what should have been done with the RTA rehabilitation money.


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11 thoughts on “Lawson Golf Course”

  1. BMDOG proposed an expansion of Lawson dog off leash area from 3.2H to 6H. Centennial Park is 150 H dog friendly, Sydney Park 40H. Conservative Councillors rejected this , describing it as “excessive”. The only way the people of the Mountains can gain the normalization of dog friendly facilities is by voting against knee jerk anti dog Councillors. Spread the word …!

  2. Councillors Luchetti & Myles from Ward 3 were part of the push to prevent the extension of the Lawson off leash area with Luchetti bringing up the old fear that it would cost $30000 to provide disabled facilities. There have never been disabled facilities at any of the off leash areas. None of those who voted against the expansion of the Lawson area came anywhere near the protest meeting about the RSPCA plan to close the Katoomba shelter although I noted the new Deputy Mayor was quick to associate himself with the success of the push when the RSPCA finally realised that their actions were doing their organisation harm and reversed that idea. While I am in Ward 3, as are my mother and sister, I urge all candidates in the by-elections to realise that the “dog lobby” is strong – Crs Luchetti & Myles will find that out at the next elections as we will actively campaign against them and their mean spirited attitudes.

  3. The BEFORE 10am restriction on dog owners at Leura oval and also at Pitt Park Wentworth Falls (including mid Winter) is ridiculous.. This Council’s anti dog regulations are so mean spirited and pointless that they often seem to BMDOG members as
    intentionally insulting to residents.

  4. The council department responsible for the old Lawson golf course and dog areas has spent heaps of unnecessary money by not making sensible decisions based on needs of residents and their dogs. Leura off leash area is now far too small for the number of dogs and owners who use it, yet the Council will not extend the hours of use.
    The old Lawson golf course was meant to have a plan in place in 2011, the this year and perhaps now 2015-16. In the meantime, how many letters have had to be dealt with and written by this indecisive department?
    They intend to have a plan for off-leash areas in place in 3 years. It is needed now and should be updated annually.
    No wonder Geordie Williamson and Robert Stocken resigned. This is just one example of an incompetent, inefficient department that bumbles along not making decisions and costing huge amounts of money because of their inaction.

    1. Council has no intention of developing a plan for dog off leash areas. It’s the same old, not very ingenious scam they’ve been running for years.
      For their the 2010-14 “plan”, Council officers conducted a thorough and professional investigation of the dog off leash issue in 2013, resulting in recommendations to be found in Table 7 of Item 8 of the Business Papers for the meeting of June 4, 2013. Council officers recommended adding seven new off-leash areas for a trial period of six month. They were meant to sweeten the push for Councils dog ban on sports ovals (“dog-exclusion areas”) which they subsequently dropped like a hot rock due to public outrage Even so, that proposal for new off-leash areas had merit and still does. Now they’re using the same bogus “planning’ strategy (which duplicates the above work ) to link to any future attempt at dog friendly reform and kill it off.
      Even if they were sincere, no planning document is required to see that public spaces in the Mountains are scarce and should be shared by all stakeholders.

  5. For years Council has opposed more dog exercise areas because they say it could damage the environment in the Mountains. This was proved to be false when the 4 Liberal Councillors stopped the expansion of the dog area at Lawson for no reason. Being an old golf courss this would have had no effect on the environment. The truth is they just dont like dogs or their owners and think that all dog areas are in competition with sport. Which is untrue and really very silly. Most of us think that the golf
    course will eventually be developed. In the meantime, why not let residents get some use out of it?.

  6. What exactly is wrong with council re-turfing the original fairway after the RTA work? Surely some remediation work was necessary and turfing must be one of the cheaper options. Doing so has maintained a beautiful large open space that can be used by anyone to play a sport or take a walk close to nature. All with the added bonus that the family dog and faithful companion can be taken along to play too.

    What I really don’t understand is the boundary to the area that dogs can be off-leash.

    1. Turfing is actually quite an expensive option.
      The main problem however is that no one was consulted as to what else could be done with the money.
      As far as I am aware the Dog Owners group was not asked what they would have liked done and may well have had some great ideas.
      regards Rob

  7. It doesn’t seem realistic or appropriate that the BMCC spend millions of dollars developing this rare open space in the foreseeable future. At the moment it’s used as a dog off leash area – a great recreational space for local pet owners and the rest of the community. For completely unfathomable reasons, the council has chosen to limit the dogs to one small section – leaving the remaining area bizarrely deserted and unused.

    Why not just extend the off-leash area so the pooches can have a proper workout, and also encourage the golf course as a family picnic area/park ? It’s an awesome space to simply relax, have a friendly chat to some strangers, walk your pooch and get some exercise.

    I moved to the Mountains to get away from the concrete jungle. Can we please avoid over-developing every remaining space up here? Can’t we just be satisfied with having a nice community park?

  8. The tactics of some Councillors and Council staff have been disgraceful over the Old golf Course at Lawson. In March this year, Clr. Williamson publicly stated he would put to elected Councillors for a vote, Blue Mountains Dog Group’s (BMDOG) proposal to expand the boundaries of the dog off-leash area there. Just four days before the vote was to be taken,Council’s Parks and Recreation section slapped a log border around the existing boundaries. It’s true that Parks and Rec had advised of their intention to place the border weeks earlier but wouldn’t it have been prudent to conserve the ratepayers money for four days, until after the vote was taken?. Otherwise, not only does it risk being an unnecessary waste, it looks like Council using ratepayers money to intentionally prejudice an issue just before it goes for a democratic vote. Council wont tell BMDOG what the log border cost the ratepayer. Incidentally, at the same time the border was rushed into place, Council was supposed to be flat out with the Bushfire Management Programme to assist bushfire victims.

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