Linden Citizens Association

Linden has a very impressive Citizens Association which is really punching above it’s weight.

It is these associations which are the lifeblood of our communities and must be listened to and their recommendations acted on.

A while back the Linden Citizens Association circulated to all Linden residents its list of achievements over previous years. I was pretty impressed and look forward to working with them closely.


Successful previous campaigns and activities by Linden Citizens  Association (LCA)

  • Park in West Linden

  • Telstra Tower; erected at present site instead of near homes.

  • Community events e.g. Christmas parties, 50th Anniversary Event, Vine & Verse, Australia Day barbeques

  • William Dawes anniversary walk to Mt Twiss and other ridge and Mount Twiss walks.

  • Bus service on weekends

  • Stopped railway station from being closed

  • Initiated, with follow up support for Linden Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade (Linden Rural Fire Brigade).

  • Cleanup at Turtle Rock

  • Naming of Ken Beames Bridge

  • Visits from State and Commonwealth local members and councillors

  • Snippets of LCA history from Kathy Winchcombe

  • Highway upgrade, (negotiations with RTA) traffic lights at station, lighting that didn’t impact observatory, relocation of historic graffiti rock

  • History talks

  • Ban the Bulb

  • Regular bus service in Linden

  • Railway station centenary celebration

  • Gastronomy event at observatory

  • Woodford Dam access for recreation and preservation of water supply.

  • Small equipment grant for new copier

  • Additional pedestrian warning signs installed

  • LCA 50th Birthday Celebrations

  • Secured use of fire station for LCA meetings and functions

  • New Linden town signs on Highway with ‘17 Mile Hollow’ slogan

  • ADSL2+ faster broadband internet petition and subsequent connection

  • LCA website and MailChimp email communications

  • Cleanup Australia Day participation

  • Historical walks

  • Improved pedestrian access to Linden station, additional parking spaces, handrails from car park up to station and improved lighting

  • Guest speakers at meetings

  • New resident welcome events


Unsuccessful Campaigns by Linden Citizens Association (LCA)

  • Pollies in the Park

  • Bus stop on highway near lower Tollgate Drive.

  • Full clean up near Turtle Rock.

  • Post box in Linden

  • Electricity price group discount.

  • Park in east Linden



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