Linden Rail Commuters

Linden Railway Car ParkParking at Linden Station is well away from the township in the bush. It needs a security camera. It shouldn’t be a  difficult job to encourage State Rail to add an extra camera into their network pointing out from the station. It may even be possible to just relocate an existing camera to cover this area.

Burke-Road-Linden_1024I have been advised that because of the risk of theft and vandalism at the Rail Car Park many Linden commuters walk to and from the station along Burke Road. Often at night. It is narrow and has no footpaths or lighting.

Some options here could be high efficiency solar powered LED lighting pillars and perhaps some lit signs alerting drivers that this is a  shared pedestrian / vehicle area with a lower speed limit.

I will need to consult more with the Linden Citizens Association to find out what they need and want. Ultimately it is up to the residents to decide what should happen.


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