Linden Road Safety

linden-great western highway-Martin-Place _1039This is the view from Martin Place, Linden for anyone trying to turn onto the Highway. You only get to see the oncoming 80 kph vehicles just as they appear around the corner bushes. This is a pretty scary T junction.

We need traffic calming at Martin Place to slow fast exiting highway traffic. There have been some bad accidents here as a result of the high exit speeds. Check out the only speed limit sign. It faces the traffic coming from the opposite direction. Martin Place Great Western Highway Off Ramp

A while back Blue Mountains Council confiscated  the 40 kph speed signs that the Linden Citizens Association had put up facing the Highway. They were ordered by BMCC not to put them up again.

40kph-linden_1033Two weeks afterwards a car was doing 80kph along the highway, turned into Martin Place then lost control. It is quite difficult to determine what sort of road you are turning into. It looks a lot better than it actually is.

Another classic example of how BMCC doesn’t listen to the people who know best about these things…the locals!

BMCC didn’t even bother to make any application this year for the Federal Black Spots road funding. There is no doubt that this spot desperately needs some  work to increase safety.

Here is a copy of the BMCC works order to remove the signs. It is particularly interesting that the works order was made without any approvals from the Local Traffic Committee (LTC).

The LTC is supposed to be made up of representatives of the Police,  RMS,  BMCC and the local State Government MP.  I can’t find anything about any LTC meetings on the BMCC web site.


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3 thoughts on “Linden Road Safety”

  1. Hey Rob, The councillors are finally showing some interest in this subject. They are in this weeks gazette. Well done in highlighting the issue.

    1. Thanks Matt,
      The political parties can smell a photo opportunity a mile away. They are very well oiled machines when it comes to getting publicity out there. Pity the Political Parties don’t follow through with much real action once the initial rush of publicity is over.

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