The Old Falls Hardware


The Falls Hardware closed down. It was taken over by Alliance Electrical Wholesalers. Alliance are good blokes and are doing everything properly.

My gripe is about the lack of vision by BMCC for this place.

The land in the new Local Environment plan is zoned “Low Density Residential”… but it can continue as a hardware or something  similar under “Existing Use” rights. If it ever ends up vacant for more than 12 months “Existing Use” rights are gone and the the “low density residential” zoning kicks in.
Wentworth Falls Hardware closed
The building is is opposite the Bowling Club and School of Arts. The Pitt Park recreation area is just down the road. Surely this could have been zoned for activities that complement the School of arts, Bowling Club and nearby sporting fields?

Ideal uses would be as a museum, art gallery or sports centre. This area could have been a real cultural and leisure zone.  But no, BMCC have ensured that this can not happen.


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3 thoughts on “The Old Falls Hardware”

  1. You have some really great posts and I believe you would be a really good asset. I’d like to help. Please send me an email. Kudos!

  2. i have been in Wentworth falls for over 40 years , the hardware closure has nothing to do with council , you cannot blame any business failure on bmcc it 99% the owner who is running it or the lack of running it , i used that hardware most of my life , but in the last 2 years they carried hardly any stock you simply could not do business, as they never had it in stock, as for vacant shops , check out the excessive rents they pay , they work half the year for nothing to pay the greedy owners, and you reckon the crossing n wentworth Falls is Bad ,look at the mess in Leura , the visitors now can stop on so many pedestrians crossing to take pictures , it constantly holds up the traffic . what about putting in siome footpath etc for the local etc instead on spending money on what the tourists would like ? look at sinclair crs for example , everyday people walk along there with no footpath , but hey there a great foot path on the highway in Leura ( left hand side going up ) i never see anyone use ??The BMCC is full of dead wood , everyone who works there knows how to use the system and live of the public tit . Sack the whole lot its the only way you will ever get change.
    If you can make a change it will be history in the writing .

    1. Thanks Jason,
      I am not blaming the shop closures on Council. There are a lot of factors but I am convinced that BMCC creates more burden than necessary on businesses – like long DA approval times.. They should be providing as much help as possible.
      My issue with the hardware is that the zoning (Low Density Residential) is ridiculous and makes it very difficult for a suitable new business to start up there.
      As far as Leura goes… that is in Ward 1. I have concentrate on Ward 2 issues.
      Your suggestion about footpath access in Sinclair Crescent is really good. The Lake is a major asset to Wentworth Falls and needs good access. I will check it out..

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