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Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains City Council BMCC Wentworth Falls is the first of the upper mountains “Tourist Towns” and therefore quite different in its needs to the rest of Ward 2 lower down the hill. It has a very distinct character. As well as the shopping precinct with restaurants and cafes, there are a lot of bed and breakfast establishments and holiday homes.

As a resident I understand that tourism can, at times be annoying but let’s face it,  it is our lifeblood. The industry provides the most significant employment in the area and particularly helps stop our younger residents moving away.

We need to make sure that Wentworth Falls thrives and works well for both residents and visitors.

I recently asked about a dozen different tourists at Wentworth Falls why they had come there. I was amazed to find that the many of them said that they just saw the village as they came over the crest of the hill and they were lucky to be in the right lane so were able to turn off.

There is little by way of comprehensive Tourist Trail signage info that prepares travellers and safely feeds them off the highway into Wentworth Falls. There are no mobile phone apps that inform tourists about the township before they zoom past.  In the town there are no serious directories and information facilities (touchscreens etc) that show visitors that Wentworth Falls is not just a coffee stop but a great place to stay the night and dine out.

We need a master plan for Wentworth Falls that is developed by the residents and business owners… not forced on us by Council.

If elected I plan to work together with businesses so I can present to BMCC details of what you want and need.
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  1. Wentworth Falls probably should be in ward 1 with Leura and Katoomba. The tourism side of things are more aligned with the towns further up. I also think that the main attractions int he upper mountains get more that there fair share of the tourism dollars and resources.

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