woodford672x372_0435Sadly Woodford is a village that is being decimated by BMCC and the RTA.  After being divided by the highway it just hasn’t received the support it needs.

It has a great cafe, a mountain bike hire and an antiques shop. It makes a perfect spot for tourists to break their journeys on the way home from the Upper Mountains. With appropriate “Tourist Trail” signage and a BM Tourist mobile phone app. This village could also attract tourists heading up the Mountains. The suggestion I had from a local artist was to have artists from each village design signs that match the character and feel of the landscape for the town approaches.

Woodford Memorial Park Rail OverpassThe Memorial park bridge is structurally sound. It just needs sandblasting, painting and new side railings. It would probably cost more to pull it down than fix it! After being cut in two, Woodford can not afford lose any more pedestrian access between the North and South. With my engineering background I will work to convince the rail authorities that this is an achievable job. I will advocate at BMCC to improve the south side footpaths leading to the bridge.

We must support this town so that the residents can keep vital village activities such as a cafe and general store. Woodford village must not be allowed to wither and die.

I will be having more conversations with Woodford residents so I can ascertain their needs and represent them to Council.



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  1. Why is Woodford not supported? It’s like the BM tourist people only think that the upper mountains deserve any publicity. There are great bushwalks out of Woodford and it is a good spot to stop for a meal and a coffeee. BMC needs to support all the mid mountains townships not just the big end of town.

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